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Keeping up with your credit is crucial. A credit score can make or break a life-changing purchase. Staying on top of your finances and monitoring your credit report will serve you well. It may even help to stop identity theft early on.

There are three credit reporting agencies each weighing variables a little differently, so it is a good idea to know where you stand with all three.

The following are websites which allow users to pull their credit report and score. If you have experience with any of these please leave a review sharing it with other visitors. If you are looking for a service to use, you may want to the read the website reviews before making a purchase.

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What TransUnion is probably doing is concittang each listing on your credit report to verify which ones are legitimate and which ones are false. This could easily take 30 days to have them get all of the information, then what ever time it takes for them to put everything together. So it could be anywhere from tomorrow to a few months.Having your score or report suppressed is not going to be seen as a positive thing with the lenders. Now, if only your score is suppressed, but your report is visible they may look at that to at least pre-qualify you. That is a long way from actually getting approved. If your report is also suppressed you can probably show them an old report but it would have little to no weight in even pre-qualifying you.Depending on the outcome of this investigation you may need to look into if there are any actions you can take against this repair company.
- Natsuki -

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In most cases they do check credit when a cumtesor calls and request a lower rate, which is typically reserved for very well established cumtesors. They also check to see if you have taken on substantial new debt, had excessive inquiries, or fallen behind on existing debt.Hope this helps
- Carlos -

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Make sure you get your FICO score, not "Vantage". The banks use your FICO
- Anonymous -

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As far as I can tell this is the only real "free" credit report website. Every 12 months you can request your report and it doesn't cost anything. The only thing they charge for is your actual score.
- Dana