A part of the credit reporting bureau Experian, AutoCheck provides an up-and-coming vehicle history report provided. The data comes from Experian, a trusted automobile data provider. The company provides 7,000 dealerships with the same information you can find in their reports. You will know what the experts know. The company also compares itself to competitor in the following way:

The company delivers information solutions to manufacturers, dealers, finance and insurance companies, and consumers alike. The service provides is an indispensable part of the used car shopping process.


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Mercedes-Benz -

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The only information give was title checks and weather or not it had been in an accident (pretty vague. Nothing about listed options such as a window sticker. I really wanted to know more about the car that I purchased beside this.

mark hanna -

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the worst-you guys are negative dare you be in the credit rating business.

Chris -

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AutoCheck is great. It offers everything that CARFAX does for a cheaper rate. Reports look very similar to CARFAX. Unless you just enjoy spending more money I suggest using AutoCheck!