Review provides up-to-date public records and background information. Whether you need an employment screening solution or personal background search, you can use to perform the necessary search. The website offers a user-friendly web interface and does not require any sort of special terminals or complicated software.

The team will work with you to customize a background check package with your budget, time-service, and industry needs in mind. A check can be performed as a self-check prior to seeking employment, or for a job application in accordance with FCRA regulatory compliance. The site has made its 405,000,000 criminal and court house records and 5 million photos available for over 7 million performed searches this year.


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Daniel Hogue -

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I can not believe that the word free really doesn\'t mean free, its hard for me not to be able to reach someone and choke them for having a free search when it is not . Thats false advertizing. they all should be arrested.

terry ayon -

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why do they say free when there not bull crap nothing is free

deedee -

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they said it was free but its no they always want a credit card nimber that mean its not free

James -

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I was hired by a company that used these people to do a check on me, the only thing they turned up was a citation by another person with my birth date and similar name that occured in a place I have never been in fact I was living 2000 miles away from that area at the time. I was refused the job