Review offers a people search service with records that go back over 20 years. Search results can include: a persons name, aliases they have used, their age, phone numbers, address history, relatives and more.


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Rickey Johnson -

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If I could give this site a -0, I would.. This site has been charging me 19.99 per month since March 2014- August 2014.. I called them today and got the run around.. At first she said they could only give me 16.00 dollars back, then it went 90 days , then 4 months... I had to argue with the supposedly supervisor who was rude and disrespectful... They argued the fact that I didn't called to cancel a membership which I made an attempt to cancel this site twice.. once by their cancel membership, when that didn't work I called and waited on hold for about 40 minutes, the lady said she would cancel it and reverse the charges which never happened, so they start charging my credit card, I only used this site during the trail period... If the Better Business Bureau is really doing it's job this site would be shut down.. these people are basically stealing money right out of consumers pockets and refusing to return our money.. People listen, if you really want to get screwed over and give away money, this site is for you.. for those who want to keep your hard earn money???? Don't go near this site... But, it's totally up to you, all I can say more is I told you so... These people are praying on innocent desperate people who are trying to find lost love ones... They are money hungry rip off artist disguised as a business.. Enter at your own risk.. They will be calling you a liar also...

Casey -

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I used your site and it said 11.95 to use your service and tnat was last night on march 12 2011 when I checked my debit you had taken over 200.00 out of my account thus will be reported to the better buisness buureau and the local authorities it was suppose to be a free trial i tried to cancel immediatley and it would not let me another issue how about putting uo a number you can ge reached at now you have left us completley broke in our account call me asap ask for Caasey or Linda Sparks ,please I would be greatful we need our money put back on our debit card Iam disabled and my Husband is laid off for 6 months now and having trouble findtng work your prompt attention to thie natter means alot our number is 8287261392

Charles Kirk -

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You stated that people search was free. I typed in who I was looking for and Intellus web page came up with charges. What'a free about this?

Kathy -

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Would rather put O stars. Put in name, took me directly to Intelius - which is the worse place to go for information - it costs and is the most outdated area on the net for information about anyone you are searching for.