Free people search at Yahoo, the world's second largest search engine. Find people by name and get their phone number, address, Websites, photos, work, school, more with this search.


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This site is useless. All they do is direct you to without giving you the simplist os information. Not so much as a phonr #

rick collins -

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i realy hope u can help me so i can stop searching for him the love of my life

Erin -

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Only works if they have a yahoo email or account :(

Armis -

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You can only find Yahoo Personal Members with this.

John Weemhoff -

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Yahoo people search is still available for FREE but it is somewhat hard to find. To find it do a search for "Yahoo People Search" at or if has not changed recently it will be at Gives good results on people who are not unlisted and has U.S. Phone & Address, Reverse Phone # and Email Search. Other good search engines are at and also the white pages nationwide at both of which have reverse phone searchs all 100% FREE no signup or cost.