PROFESSIONAL People Searches (AKA Paid Search Products)

Paid or professional people searches gather data collected from many different sources. These sources include government agencies, financial institutions, and many other private resources. A good service will update their databases weekly or even several times a week while less reputable services update just a few times each year. So, when evaluating what service to use, make sure you look for the largest, most up-to-date database. Not even the professional sites will have everything you search for but a good one should have 90-95% of what you search.

It is also important to know the common ways you can purchase a professional people search product. There are two common ways people searching products are sold: unlimited use and short term or single use.

Typically, the unlimited searches are a much better deal if you plan to do more than one search, however, if you don't know that you will need to use one of these professional people searches more than once you may want to go with a single use people search product.

A' la carte, or single use products can charge up to $30 per search, however, some sites like offer discounted searches starting at just $1.95.

Unlimited search products typically charge between $30 and $50 per year. Make sure you shop arround, as a $30 a year product can offer a savings of 40% over a $50 a year product.

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