What you can expect to find at a background check website

Purchasing a criminal background check is something that you may consider for a variety of reasons. Hiring a child sitter, renting out a home or even dating someone new are all common reasons for looking into someone's background. 

There are an abundance websites and services to help you to find what you need. However, the prices they charge can vary wildly. Some websites offer checks for as little as $5-10 while others charge as much as $50 for a single report.

Recently, at least one company has begun offering its service with a free 7-day trial, hoping that those who sign up during the trial will stay subscribed once the trial period expires. This seems to have caused some frustration with certain consumers who don't wish to pay for this type of information. What they should try to keep in mind is these are private companies and often it can be fairly difficult to attain this information. These websites do provide a service in gathering and organize it for consumers to view.